Suzuki Swift 2022 Price in Pakistan – Latest Updates & Pricing Details

Suzuki Swift 2021 price in Pakistan: latest updates & pricing details, including Suzuki Swift Resale Value.

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Suzuki Swift 2022 Price in Pakistan

While the 2022 Suzuki Swift is now not the modern-day model in Pakistan (April 2024), it’d nonetheless be an opportunity for price range-conscious automobile shoppers. Here’s what you want to realise approximately the 2022 Suzuki Swift’s price in Pakistan:


Estimated Price (PKR)

GL (Manual)

3,479,000 – 3,879,000


3,779,000 – 4,179,000


4,079,000 – 4,479,000

No Official Prices Available

Since the 2024 version is now to be had, first rate pricing for the 2022 Swift from Suzuki Pakistan in all likelihood won’t be marketed.

Use Online Resources

Your extraordinary bet is to look on-line marketplaces and used vehicle web sites to locate listings for the 2022 Swift. This will come up with a sensible idea of the current market fee primarily based on factors like mileage, state of affairs, and variation.

Price Range Expectation

In 2022, the 2022 Suzuki Swift fee variety became anticipated to be among PKR 3,479,000 and PKR 4,115,000 relying on the variant (GL, GL CVT, or GLX CVT). Expect costs within the used car market to be decrease, doubtlessly within the variety of PKR three million and upwards depending on the car’s state of affairs.

Important Considerations

When considering a used 2022 Suzuki Swift, test out the automobile’s service history and get a pre-purchase inspection carried out by using the use of a trusted mechanic. This will assist you keep away from any unexpected troubles and make certain you’re getting an excellent cost for your money.

New vs. Used

If the charge difference between a used 2022 Swift and a modern-day 2024 version isn’t always great, don’t forget the advantages of getting the latest model with probably updated skills and a complete manufacturer’s assure.

Suzuki Swift Introduction

Welcome to our complete guide to the Suzuki Swift 2022, the epitome of fashion, average overall performance, and innovation within the compact hatchback class. As one of the maximum anticipated releases of the 12 months, the Suzuki Swift 2022 guarantees to redefine your riding revel in with its cutting-edge-day functions and sleek design. Whether you are a pro Swift enthusiast or thinking about this iconic model for the primary time, our exceptional evaluate will offer you with the whole thing you want to realize about this high-quality automobile.

Suzuki Swift: A compact car with sleek design, perfect for urban driving.

From its aerodynamic outdoors to its spacious and tech-savvy interior, the Suzuki Swift 2022 is designed to affect. With numerous engine alternatives and advanced safety skills, this vehicle offers every satisfaction and peace of mind on each journey. Join us as we delve into the world of the Suzuki Swift 2022 and find out why it is the final preference for drivers trying to find style, performance, and notable price.

 Suzuki Swift 2022 Exterior

While the 2022 Suzuki Swift isn’t the maximum today’s version, its layout stays sleek and current. Here’s a breakdown of its key exterior features:

Overall Design:

  • Compact hatchback frame style with a sporty and dynamic enjoys.
  • Sculpted strains and curves create a muscular presence.
  • Sloping roofline provides to the sporty person.

Distinctive Details:

  • Bold chrome grille that grabs interest.
  • Sharp LED projector headlights for a complicated appearance.
  • Unique “floating” roof pillars with incorporated rear door handles for a easy and streamlined appearance.


  • Wide range of options to healthful specific personalities:
  • Classic and complicated (Midnight Black, Silky Silver)
  • Bold and head-turning (Speedy Blue Metallic, Phoenix Red)


  • Polished alloy wheels, commonly 16 inches, that enhance the sporty look.
  • Complement the general design and hint at the auto’s agility.

Overall Impression:

The 2022 Suzuki Swift’s outdoors is designed to show heads.

A serene beach with palm trees, white sand, and clear blue water.



It gives a confident and dynamic presence on the street, first-rate for people who recognize a fashionable and suitable automobile.

 Suzuki Swift 2022 Interior 

The 2022 Suzuki Swift may not be the latest model, however its indoors gives a surprising quantity of area and capability. Here’s what you may assume:

Focus on Comfort:

  • Driver’s seat with pinnacle adjustability for best positioning.
  • All seats come equipped with headrests for delivered comfort.
  • Steering wheel offers tilt adjustment for a customized in shape. Higher-give up models could likely even embody telescopic adjustment for even finer control.

Modern Tech (for 2022 standards):

  • Focus is on person-friendliness without sacrificing fashion.
  • D-formed guidance wheel adds a sporty touch.
  • Instrument cluster with clear gauges presents critical the use of records.
  • Infotainment system features a Touchscreen for phone mirroring and navigation (availability could probable rely on variation).

Practical Touches:

  • Ample storage options throughout the cabin keep requirements organized.
  • Cup holders constant your beverages.
  • Compartments and hooks provide additional storage location.

Overall Feel:

  • The 2022 Suzuki Swift’s interior prioritizes capability and luxury with a hint of sportiness.
  • While materials might also need sturdiness over luxury, the format is smooth and modern, making every journey amusing.

Things to Consider:

Since the 2024 version is now to be had, some more recent abilities or technology won’t be present in the 2022 version. It’s constantly incredible to check particular capabilities with the seller if thinking about a used 2022 Swift.

Suzuki Swift 202 Engine

The 2022 Suzuki Swift provided engine options that trusted the promote it turned into supplied in. Here’s a breakdown of the 2 maximum common engines to be had:

1.2L Dual Jet Dual VVT:

  • This engine is a great preference for town driving and prioritizes gasoline overall performance.
  • Utilizes a 1.2-liter capability and Dual Jet generation with injectors in keeping with cylinder.
  • This injector setup optimizes fuel transport for higher mileage without sacrificing strength output.
  • Typically paired with a 5-pace manual transmission for a greater engaging driving revel in.

1.4L Booster Jet:

  • This engine caters to drivers in search of a extra lively typical overall performance.
  • Features a 1.4 liter functionality and a turbocharger for a vast improve in electricity and torque as compared to the 1.2L choice.
  • Offers a extra exhilarating the use of enjoy.
  • Often paired with a clean and responsive Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) for maximum comfort.

Fuel Economy:

  • Exact figures depend upon using situations and precise version twelve months, however the 2022 Suzuki Swift come to be known for being fuel-green.
  • The 1.2L Dual Jet engine come to be predicted to obtain mileage in the immoderate 30s to low 40s mpg (miles in line with gallon).
  • The 1.4L Booster Jet can also see figures inside the mid to high 30s mpg.

Important Note:

Since the 2024 version is now available, it’s miles feasible that the precise engine specs would possibly variety barely from the 2022 version. It’s constantly excellent to seek recommendation from the proprietor’s manual or a relied on Suzuki dealership to get the maximum correct records approximately the engine in a selected 2022 Suzuki Swift.

Safety Features

Safety is paramount within the Suzuki Swift, which comes geared up with some of superior protection technology to protect you and your passengers on every pressure. From superior driver help structures to energetic and passive protection features, the Swift offers peace of mind anywhere you pass.

Performance and Specifications

Image of a Suzuki Swift showcasing its impressive performance and specifications.


Performance Metrics


Engine Options

1.2L Dualjet petrol engine


1.2L Dualjet Hybrid engine (optional)

Maximum Power Output

Petrol: 83 horsepower (hp)


Hybrid: 90 horsepower (hp)

Maximum Torque

Petrol: 108 Newton-meters (Nm)


Hybrid: 120 Newton-meters (Nm)

Transmission Options

5-speed manual


CVT automatic (optional)

Acceleration (0-100 km/h)

Petrol: 11.9 seconds


Hybrid: 11.1 seconds




Engine Type

1.2L Dualjet petrol engine


1.2L Dualjet Hybrid engine (optional)

Fuel Efficiency

Petrol: Up to 22 kilometers per liter (km/l)


Hybrid: Up to 25 kilometers per liter (km/l)


Front: MacPherson struts


Rear: Torsion beam axle


Front: Ventilated discs


Rear: Drum brakes


Electric power-assisted steering (EPAS)

Turning Radius

4.8 meters





Aerodynamic design


LED headlights and taillights


Alloy wheels


Spacious cabin


Infotainment system


Connectivity options


1.2L Dualjet petrol engine


1.2L Dualjet Hybrid engine (optional)


Advanced safety technology


Active and passive safety features

Comfort and Convenience

Keyless entry and start system


Automatic climate control


Rearview camera


Touchscreen infotainment system


Smartphone integration


Voice command

Fuel Efficiency

Petrol: Up to 22 km/l (combined)


Hybrid: Up to 25 km/l (combined)


Standard manufacturer warranty


Additional warranty options available

Variants and Trim Levels

The Suzuki Swift is to be had in a number of trim ranges, each supplying its personal specific set of features and services. Whether you’re searching out easy transportation or a very loaded version with all the bells and whistles, there may be a Swift variant to suit your desires and budget.

Price and Value

Despite its exceptional array of features, the Suzuki Swift remains cheap, making it an awesome fee for price range-aware customers. When compared to different hatchbacks in its magnificence, the Swift offers unequalled affordability without compromising on first-rate or performance.

Customer Reviews and Satisfaction

Don’t simply take our word for it – pay attention what real Suzuki Swift owners have to mention about their experience with the car. With overwhelmingly brilliant comments and excessive pride ratings, it’s miles clean that the Swift is a liked preference amongst drivers worldwide.

Comparison with Competitors

When stacked up in opposition to its competitors, the Suzuki Swift sticks out for its advanced overall performance, fuel performance, and common cost. With its prevailing aggregate of style, consolation, and affordability, the Swift keeps to outshine the opposition within the compact hatchback section.

Two cars parked side by side, labeled 'Comparison with Competitors', showcasing a comparison between two competing vehicles.

Future Updates and Improvements

Looking in advance, Suzuki is devoted to further improving the Swift with destiny updates and upgrades. From present day era to modern layout competencies, the destiny seems wonderful for this iconic hatchback.

Maintenance and Service

Keeping your Suzuki Swift in top situation is straightforward way to its affordable preservation costs and convenient service periods. With everyday protection and professional servicing, you could enjoy years of reliable performance out of your Swift.

Environmental Impact

As the car agency continues to prioritize sustainability, the Suzuki Swift leads the way with its inexperienced features and coffee emissions. By choosing the Swift, you are now not only making an investment in a stylish and reliable automobile however additionally doing all of your element to protect the surroundings.

Availability and Market Reach

The Suzuki Swift is available in markets around the world, making it accessible to drivers everywhere. With its great availability and strong market reap, the Swift continues to be a pinnacle desire for discerning customers international.

People Also Ask

Yes, the Suzuki Swift gives each petrol and hybrid engine options to suit awesome alternatives and desires.

The Suzuki Swift is ready with superior protection technology, consisting of driving force help structures and energetic protection features along with collision avoidance and lane departure caution.

Despite its first rate capabilities, the Suzuki Swift remains least costly, presenting first rate charge for finances-aware purchasers.

The Suzuki Swift boasts a swish and aerodynamic layout, with signature grille, headlights, and alloy wheels that decorate its ordinary aesthetic appeal.

Yes, the Suzuki Swift is lauded for its dazzling gasoline performance, permitting drivers to revel in longer journeys with fewer stops on the pump.


In stop, the Suzuki Swift 2022 devices the standard for excellence within the compact hatchback phase. With its smooth format, advanced functions, and unbeatable value, the Swift gives a driving experience like no distinctive. Whether you’re navigating metropolis streets or embarking on a move-usa journey, the Swift is your very last accomplice on the street.

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