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Introduction to the Suzuki Swift

Looking to explore the modern Suzuki motorcycles and their costs in Pakistan? Look no in addition! Welcome to our complete manual, where we delve into the thrilling world of Suzuki motorcycles and their affordability within the Pakistani marketplace. Suzuki bikes have lengthy been synonymous with nice, overall performance, and fashion, making them a popular preference among riders of all backgrounds. Whether you’re a pro rider or a newbie looking to kick start your journey on two wheels, Suzuki offers a various variety of fashions to fit each need and price range. From smooth street bikes to rugged off-street adventurers, Suzuki has something for each person. Join us as we uncover the modern day Suzuki bike fashions available in Pakistan and offer insights into their fees, capabilities, and specifications. Get equipped to rev up your engines and explore the exciting international of Suzuki motorcycles!

Top 10 Features of Suzuki Swift

  • Sleek design.
  • Fuel efficiency.
  • Responsive handling.
  • Safety features.
  • Comfortable interior.
  • Infotainment system.
  • Versatile cargo space.
  • Efficient engine options.
  • Sporty performance.
  • Reliability and durability.

Suzuki Swift Price in Pakistan

The Suzuki Swift is a famous desire in Pakistan for its sporty appears, fuel efficiency, and dependable performance. But how lots do it price? Here’s a breakdown of factors affecting Suzuki Swift prices in Pakistan:

Suzuki Swift Price in Pakistan - Affordable compact car with sleek design, ideal for city driving.


Estimated Price (PKR)


Suzuki Swift GL (Manual)



Suzuki Swift GL (CVT)



Suzuki Swift GLX (CVT)



  • Variants and Features: The Swift is available in 3 fundamental trims: GL (base), GL (CVT), and GLX (CVT). The price increases with each variant as features like automatic transmission, alloy wheels, and infotainment structures are brought.
  • Engine Options: Depending in the marketplace and variation, the Swift might have a 1.2-liter or 1.4-liter engine. The 1.Four-liter Booster Jet engine, offering more electricity, usually commands a better charge.
  • Location and Dealership: Prices can vary barely relying on the dealership and your region in Pakistan. It’s usually a great idea to examine expenses from distinctive dealerships to locate the pleasant deal.
  • Ex-Factory vs. On-Road Price: The charges listed on line are typically ex-factory, which means they don’t include registration prices, taxes, and different on-road costs. Factor those extra charges into your price range when thinking about the final fee.
  • Market Fluctuations: Like any car,  the charge of the Suzuki Swift can vary barely based totally on market situations, currency trading quotes, or even seasonal promotions presented via dealerships.

The maximum affordable option, the Suzuki Swift GL (Manual), starts round PKR 4,421,000, while the top-of-the-line GLX (CVT) can attain PKR 5,429,000.

By expertise those elements, you may make an informed selection while looking for a Suzuki Swift in Pakistan. Remember, contacting your nearby dealership is the quality way to get the most correct and updated pricing on your desired variant and region.

It’s important to be aware that those are just beginning fees. Prices can vary depending on area and dealership. For the most accurate pricing, it is always first-class to touch your local Suzuki provider.

Suzuki Swift Variants in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the Suzuki Swift is to be had in each hatchback and sedan versions, providing versatility and choice to purchasers. The hatchback variation boasts a sporty and compact layout, making it ideal for city riding and maneuverability in tight spaces. On the opposite hand, the sedan version affords additional space and comfort for passengers, making it perfect for long journeys and own family outings. Both editions come geared up with superior capabilities and modern generation, ensuring a easy and enjoyable riding enjoy. With their elegant design and astonishing overall performance, Suzuki Swift editions in Pakistan cater to a wide variety of alternatives and life.




Sleek and aerodynamic

Engine Options

1.2L petrol, 1.0L Booster jet (turbocharged)

Fuel Efficiency

Up to 22 km/l (approx.)


Manual, Automatic

Safety Features

ABS, EBD, Dual Airbags, ISOFIX

Infotainment System

Touchscreen display, Smartphone integration


Comfortable seating, Ample legroom

Cargo Space

Flexible with rear seat folding


Macpherson Strut Front, Torsion Beam Rear


Length: 3,840 mm, Width: 1,735 mm, Height: 1,495 mm

Ground Clearance

120 mm (approx.)


2,450 mm

Turning Radius

4.8 meters (approx.)

Fuel Tank Capacity

37 liters (approx.)


Multiple options available


Standard manufacturer warranty

Pros and Cons of Suzuki Swift

The red Suzuki Swift with "Pros and Cons of Suzuki Swift" written on it.


  • Affordable pricing.
  • Good fuel efficiency.
  • Compact size for easy maneuverability.
  • Sleek and stylish design.
  • Reliable performance.
  • Wide availability of spare parts.
  • Comfortable interior.
  • Suitable for urban driving.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Strong resale value.


  • Limited space for passengers and cargo.
  • Basic features compared to competitors.
  • Limited engine options.
  • May lack some advanced safety features.
  • Road noise can be noticeable.
  • Limited customization options.
  • Limited color choices.

Suzuki Swift Interior

The Suzuki Swift is not simply regarded for its amusing using experience; it additionally boasts a tremendously spacious and properly-designed interior.

Here examine what you can expect within the zippy hatchback:

Comfort and Control

The driver’s seat takes middle level with height adjustability for most appropriate positioning. All seats come ready with headrests, and the guidance wheel offers tilt adjustment in all versions. Higher-give up models even feature telescopic steering for even finer manipulate.

Modern Tech

The recognition is on functionality without sacrificing fashion. A D-formed guidance wheel adds a sporty touch, at the same time as the tool cluster with cylindrical gauges gives clean data. The infotainment device capabilities a prominent Touchscreen, making an allowance for cellphone mirroring and navigation – best for staying connected and finding your way.

Practical Touches

Suzuki prioritizes practicality with adequate storage alternatives in the course of the cabin. Cup holders preserve your beverages secure, whilst cubicles and hooks offer area for everyday essentials.

Overall Feel

The Suzuki Swift’s interior moves a balance between consolation, capability, and a hint of sportiness. While materials may favor durability over luxury, the design feels smooth and contemporary, making each ride exciting.

Suzuki Swift Exterior

The Suzuki Swift is not shy on the road. Its outdoors design is all approximately creating a declaration, supplying a mix of sporty looks and assured presence.

Suzuki Swift Exterior: A sleek and stylish car with a modern design, featuring a compact body, bold headlights, and a sporty appearance.

Here’s a more in-depth look at what sets the Swift apart:

Muscular Stance

The Swift boasts a sculpted body with stated curves and creases that create a dynamic influence. The sloping roofline in addition emphasizes its sporty individual, while the extensive wheel arches hint at its agility.

Distinctive Details

The front grille takes center stage with a ambitious chrome accent that grabs attention. Sharp LED projector headlights upload a touch of sophistication, while the sculpted fenders make contributions to the car’s average muscularity. A unique element you may not leave out are the floating roof pillars. The rear door handles are cleverly included into these pillars, developing a easy and streamlined appearance.

Color Options

The Swift doesn’t maintain returned on shade both. It is available in a variety of alternatives that cater to exclusive personalities, from the traditional and complex (suppose Midnight Black or Silky Silver) to the ambitious and head-turning (suppose Speedy Blue Metallic or Phoenix Red).

Wheel Appeal

Polished alloy wheels, generally 16 inches in size, add a touch of sportiness and complement the overall layout. These wheels not simplest enhance the appearance but additionally trace at the auto’s fun driving skills.

Overall Impression

The Suzuki Swift’s outdoors is a clean statement – it is a car designed for those who appreciate a dynamic and attractive presence on the road.

Suzuki Swift Engine

The Suzuki Swift may be known for its compact size, however its engine alternatives. A punch, imparting stability among overall performance and gas efficiency.

Close-up of Suzuki Swift engine with visible cylinders, spark plugs, and wiring harness.




Here’s a breakdown of what you could expect underneath the hood:

Reliable Power

Depending available on the market and version, the Swift comes geared up with essential engine options: a 1.2-liter Dual Jet Dual VVT (Variable Valve Timing) engine and a 1.Four-liter Booster Jet engine. Both provide reliable overall performance and proper fuel economy.

1.2L Dual Jet

A Thrifty Choice: The 1.2-liter engine is a exceptional desire for metropolis riding. Its Dual Jet generation optimizes gasoline delivery by utilizing injectors in line with cylinder, ensuing in surprising gasoline performance without compromising power. This engine is generally paired with a 5-page manual transmission for a greater attractive riding revel in.

1.4L Booster Jet

For Spirited Driving: For the ones seeking a greater spirited riding enjoy, the 1.Four-liter Booster Jet engine is an excellent fit. This engine utilizes a turbocharger to deliver a widespread raise in strength and torque. This option is often paired with a easy and responsive Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) for maximum consolation.

Fuel Economy

Exact gasoline financial system figures will vary depending on driving conditions and particular model year, however the Suzuki Swift is known for being a gasoline-efficient automobile. The 1.2-liter engine is anticipated to achieve mileage within the excessive 30s to low 40s mpg (miles in step with gallon), whilst the 1.4-liter Booster Jet might see figures inside the mid to excessive 30s mpg.

Overall, the Suzuki Swift offers engine options that cater to distinct using desires. Whether you prioritize fuel efficiency or a extra powerful driving experience, there is a Swift engine ready to take you there.

Pricing Factors of Suzuki Swift in Pakistan

The fee of Suzuki Swift in Pakistan varies depending on several factors. The base version is usually greater lower priced, even as the excessive-quit version comes with extra functions and packages, contributing to a better charge tag.

Suzuki Swift price in Pakistan - Factors affecting pricing in the Pakistani market.

Comparison with Competitors

In evaluation to its competition which includes Honda City and Toyota Yaris, the Suzuki Swift stands proud for its affordability and gasoline efficiency. However, every car has its own set of features and blessings, catering to one-of-a-kind customer choices.

Factors Influencing Suzuki Swift Prices

Various elements affect the expenses of Suzuki Swift in Pakistan, which includes economic conditions, government guidelines, and trade fees. Fluctuations in these elements can affect the general price of the car for consumers.

  • Economic Conditions: Fluctuations inside the financial system, consisting of inflation rates and foreign money cost, can affect the pricing of Suzuki Swift fashions.
  • Government Policies: Changes in government guidelines associated with taxes, obligations, and import regulations can affect the overall fee of Suzuki Swift cars.
  • Exchange Rates: Variations in exchange charges among currencies can influence the price of imported components and materials utilized in manufacturing Suzuki Swift vehicles.
  • Competition: Competitive pricing techniques by means of other automobile producers may additionally set off Suzuki to regulate their fees to stay competitive inside the market.
  • Consumer Demand: High call for Suzuki Swift fashions can cause charge increases, whilst low call for might also result in rate reductions or promotional gives.
  • Cost of Production: Changes in the fee of uncooked materials, exertions, and manufacturing strategies can affect the very last retail charge of Suzuki Swift vehicles.
  • Technology and Features: Upgrades in technology and the addition of latest features may contribute to rate modifications in Suzuki Swift versions as more moderen models are brought.

Suzuki Swift Resale Value

The resale cost of Suzuki Swift remains noticeably strong inside the Pakistani market, way to its popularity and demand among shoppers. However, factors including mileage, condition, and market tendencies can have an effect on the resale fee.

A Suzuki Swift parked on a street, showcasing its high resale value.

Customer Reviews and Satisfaction

Customer opinions and pleasure play a crucial function in figuring out the fee of Suzuki Swift in Pakistan. Positive comments concerning overall performance, comfort, and gas efficiency contributes to its popularity as a reliable vehicle.

After-Sales Service and Maintenance Costs

After-sales service and protection costs are essential concerns for Suzuki Swift proprietors. Regular servicing and preservation assist ensure the toughness and overall performance of the automobile even as minimizing repair fees.

Future Outlook for Suzuki Swift Prices

The destiny outlook for Suzuki Swift fees in Pakistan depends on different factors, inclusive of market call for, technological advancements, and regulatory adjustments. Continued innovation and improvements may additionally have an impact on the pricing and recognition of the auto.

Tips for Buying a Suzuki Swift in Pakistan

When buying a Suzuki Swift in Pakistan, it’s crucial to analyze very well, compare prices and functions, and don’t forget elements along with resale value and after-sales service. Test riding the car and consulting with experienced proprietors can offer valuable insights.

  • Research very well.
  • Set a budget.
  • Test drive earlier than shopping for.
  • Check documentation.
  • Inspect for damage.
  • Evaluate mileage.
  • Compare fees.
  • Consider resale cost.
  • Look for discounts/gives.
  • Review after-sales provider.


People also Ask

Yes, the Suzuki Swift is available in each guide and automated transmission alternatives, catering to extraordinary driver preferences.

The Suzuki Swift boasts outstanding gas performance scores, with mileage various depending on riding conditions and renovation.

Yes, Suzuki Swift comes with a well-known assurance, overlaying sure parts and offerings for a exact period.

Yes, the Suzuki Swift is geared up with diverse safety capabilities, consisting of airbags, ABS, and ISOFIX baby seat anchors.

Yes, Suzuki gives various add-ons and customization alternatives for the Swift, allowing shoppers to customize their motors in line with their possibilities.


In conclusion, the Suzuki Swift stays a pinnacle choice for vehicle shoppers in Pakistan, supplying a mix of affordability, style, and overall performance. With its flexible versions, competitive pricing, and reliable reputation, the Suzuki Swift continues to dominate the market.

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