Toyota Hilux Price in Pakistan – Features and Specifications

Toyota Hilux: Powerful and reliable pickup truck. Check out its price, features, and specifications in Pakistan.

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Toyota Hilux

The Toyota Hilux is a versatile and rugged pickup truck that has earned popularity for its durability and reliability. Renowned for its robust construct and sudden off-road skills, the Hilux is a famous choice for drivers worldwide, collectively with in Pakistan. Its sturdy manufacturing and powerful engine make it suitable for a wide range of obligations, from hauling heavy hundreds to navigating rough terrain without difficulty.

In addition to its practicality, the Hilux additionally offers a snug and sensitive indoors, complete with contemporary services and spacious seating. Whether embarking on a protracted journey or tackling each day commutes, passengers can enjoy a pleasing and snug ride.

Safety is paramount in the Toyota Hilux, with superior functions and technologies designed to protect each occupants and pedestrians. From lively protection structures to passive protection capabilities, the Hilux prioritizes protection in all situations, supplying peace of mind to drivers and passengers alike.

Overall, the Toyota Hilux embodies the suitable combo of sturdiness, standard performance, and reliability, making it a trusted partner for drivers in Pakistan and beyond. Whether for work or enjoyment, the Hilux materials unrivaled versatility and functionality, making sure that it remains a pinnacle choice within the pickup truck phase.

Toyota Hilux Price in Pakistan

The Toyota Hilux, a famous pick out-up truck in Pakistan, boasts a lot of trims and functions, impacting its price.

Toyota Hilux Price in Pakistan - Find the latest prices for Toyota Hilux models in Pakistan.

Here’s a breakdown:


Price (PKR)

Single Cab 4×2 Deckless


Single Cab 4×2 Standard

6,359,000 (estimated)

Single Cab 4×2 Up Spec

7,359,000 (estimated)

Double Cab 4×2 Deckless

6,729,000 (estimated)

Double Cab 4×2 Standard

7,129,000 (estimated)

Double Cab 4×2 Up Spec

8,229,000 (estimated)

Double Cab 4×4 Standard

8,729,000 (estimated)

Double Cab 4×4 Up Spec

9,729,000 (estimated)

New vs. Used

Brand new Hilux fashions start pretty reasonably-priced. The base variant may be located for round PKR 7,3 million, at the same time as the most costly reaches PKR 9.7 million. However, for the ones on tighter finances, the used marketplace gives giant economic savings. Here, price start as little as PKR 2.2 million and may obtain as much as PKR 10.7 million relying on version yr, state of affairs, and variation.

Trims and Features

A exquisite thing affecting charge is the chosen trim stage. Single cabin variants, pleasant for art work capabilities, are the cheapest. Double cabin models provide extra passenger area at a top elegance. Additionally, functions like advanced safety structures, infotainment improvements, and powerful engines all make a contribution to a higher fee tag.

Taxes and Registration

Remember, the listed charges are normally ex-showroom, besides taxes and registration costs. These can vary relying on the province and can upload a huge quantity to the very last cost. Be advantageous to difficulty these in while budgeting to your Hilux.

Final Thoughts

The Toyota Hilux gives masses of options to wholesome extraordinary desires and budgets. By thinking about your priorities – new vs. Used, trim degree, and functions – you could find a Hilux that fits your price variety and using fashion.

Toyota Hilux Overview

The Toyota Hilux, a call synonymous with durability and off-street functionality, has carved a mythical path because its introduction in 1968. This versatile pickup truck has dominated markets global, becoming a favorite for work, journey, or even family use.

Toyota Hilux - A powerful and versatile pickup truck designed for any terrain. Perfect for work or play.

Evolving with the Times

The Hilux has exceeded thru 8 generations of enhancements, constantly adapting to fulfill changing wishes. Early models had been compact pickups, first-rate for navigating tight areas. Later generations noticed a shift to a mid-length platform, presenting more power and extended payload capability. Today’s Hilux boasts more than a few engine options, from gasoline-green diesels to powerful petrol variants, catering to various driving alternatives.

Built to Last

A center power of the Hilux is its legendary reliability. The robust body-on-body chassis and high-quality additives ensure it could resist demanding obligations and harsh environments. This recognition for durability has made the Hilux a depended on workhorse for companies and individuals alike.

Off-Road Champion: For journey seekers, the Hilux is a dream tool. Its 4×4 drivetrain with immoderate floor clearance conquers hard terrains comfortably. Features like hill descent control and differential locks further beautify its off-avenue prowess, making it a reliable companion for exploring uncharted territories.

Modern Comfort

While recognized for its utilitarian nature, the Hilux does no longer turn away from comfort. The modern day fashions offer spacious and nicely-equipped cabins with abilities like touchscreen infotainment systems, automated climate control, and cushty seating. Higher trims even boast leather-based upholstery and advanced protection technologies.

Global Appeal

The Hilux transcends borders, taking component in vast recognition in markets internationally. This significant achievement may be attributed to its capability to conform to neighborhood wishes. For example, some areas prioritize fuel overall performance, even as others prioritize effective engines for hauling heavy loads.

A Legacy of Toughness

The Toyota Hilux has earned its recognition as a global icon. Its mixture of sturdiness, off-road capability, and modern functions makes it a compelling preference for drivers attempting to find a bendy and reliable car. Whether navigating town streets, hauling cargo, or exploring the barren region, the Hilux is a true workhorse ready to address any challenge.

 Toyota Hilux Variants Available in Pakistan

Toyota gives severa variations of the Hilux in Pakistan, catering to one-of-a-kind customer alternatives and requirements. From simple utility fashions to greater top class alternatives with advanced competencies, there’s a Hilux model for each need.

 Toyota Hilux lineup in Pakistan: various models and trims of the popular pickup truck on display.

Comparison with Competitors

In the Pakistani marketplace, the Toyota Hilux faces opposition from different pickup cars, each domestic and global. However, its recognition for reliability, resale value, and after-sales assist gives it a competitive element over its rivals.

Features and Specifications




2.8-liter turbo diesel or 2.4-liter turbo diesel


6-speed manual or automatic


177 hp @ 3,400 rpm (2.8L) or 148 hp @ 3,400 rpm (2.4L)


420 Nm @ 1,400-2,600 rpm (2.8L) or 400 Nm @ 1,600-2,000 rpm (2.4L)

Fuel Economy

Varies based on engine and configuration


Rear-wheel drive or optional four-wheel drive

Towing Capacity

Up to 3.5 tons (depending on configuration)

Payload Capacity

Up to 1.2 tons (depending on configuration)


Front: Double wishbone, Rear: Leaf spring

Safety Features

Toyota Safety Sense suite (varies by model and region)

Infotainment System

Touchscreen display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Interior Features

Cloth or leather seats, power windows, air conditioning

Exterior Features

LED headlights, fog lights, alloy wheels

Dimensions (L x W x H)

Varies by model and configuration

Ground Clearance

Varies by model and configuration

Seating Capacity

Up to 5 passengers

Engine Performance

The Toyota Hilux boasts impressive engine overall performance, delivering power and overall performance for masses of riding situations. With number engine alternatives to be had, along with diesel and petrol editions, the Hilux offers adequate torque and horsepower to address any undertaking. Whether hauling heavy hundreds or navigating difficult terrain, the Hilux engine offers easy acceleration and responsive electricity transport. Combined with advanced gasoline-saving technology, the Hilux ensures every performance and performance, making it a reliable and capable preference for drivers looking for a pickup truck that would address the desires of regular lifestyles.

Toyota Hilux Interior

The Toyota Hilux interior strikes a balance between sturdiness and luxury, providing a realistic but inviting location for occupants. With spacious seating and enough legroom, passengers can experience a snug adventure, whether or not on city streets or rugged terrain. The cabin is prepared with cutting-edge services, along with a customer-pleasant infotainment machine and available storage alternatives, improving the overall driving enjoy. Despite its tough out of doors, the Hilux interior exudes a feel of refinement and class, making it a flexible choice for each paintings and leisure purposes.

Toyota Hilux Exterior

The Toyota Hilux exterior exudes electricity and durability, designed to deal with any terrain with self assurance. Its strong frame features formidable strains and muscular contours, projecting a commanding presence on the road. With a immoderate floor clearance and rugged tires, the Hilux is ready to triumph over each town streets and stale-road trails. Practicality meets style with functions like integrated fog lighting fixtures, chrome accents, and smooth LED headlights, improving both visibility and aesthetics. Whether for paintings or amusement, the Toyota Hilux outside makes a statement of reliability and capability, putting it aside in the pickup truck phase.

Safety Features

Safety is paramount in the Toyota Hilux, prepared with advanced capabilities to shield every riding pressure and passengers. From lively protection systems like anti-lock braking machine (ABS) and car balance manipulate (VSC) to passive safety capabilities in conjunction with multiple airbags and bolstered frame shape, the Hilux ensures peace of mind on each journey. Additionally, capabilities like traction manipulate and hill-begin help in addition enhance balance and manage, specially in hard riding conditions. With its complete protection suite, the Toyota Hilux prioritizes occupant safety, making it a trusted desire for drivers searching out reliability and protection of their car.

Toyota Hilux: Driving Experience

Driving the Toyota Hilux is a revel in like no extraordinary. Its commanding presence on the street, coupled with responsive handling and superior off-road skills, instills self perception in the purpose force, whether navigating metropolis streets or tackling difficult terrain.

Maintenance and After-Sales Service

Toyota’s splendid community of dealerships and carrier facilities guarantees that Hilux proprietors get maintain of prompt and reliable protection resource. With knowledgeable technicians and right elements, retaining a Hilux is reachable and problem-unfastened.

Maintenance and After-Sales Service: A technician inspecting a machine, ensuring its proper functioning and providing necessary repairs.


Resale Value

One of the key benefits of proudly owning a Toyota Hilux is its high-quality resale fee. Thanks to its recognition for reliability and sturdiness, the Hilux continues its really worth through the years, making it a smart investment for customers.

Customer Reviews and Satisfaction

Customer remarks and delight are testimony to the Toyota Hilux popularity in Pakistan. Positive critiques praising its performance, reliability, and after-income provider reaffirm its recognition as a top preference amongst pickup truck fans.

Future Prospects

As the automobile industry continues to evolve, the Toyota Hilux stays poised for achievement with ongoing improvements and improvements. With its sturdy basis and dependable purchaser base, the Hilux is ready to maintain its position as a marketplace chief in Pakistan.


In give up, the Toyota Hilux offers unbeatable rate for money, combining durability, performance, and versatility in a single package deal. With aggressive pricing, a tremendous type of versions, and recognition for reliability, the Hilux keeps to dominate the pickup truck marketplace in Pakistan.

People Also Ask

The starting fee of the Toyota Hilux in Pakistan varies counting on the version and trim diploma, but it usually ranges from PKR 110.39 – 153.59 lacs.

Yes, Toyota offers a standard assure package with the purchase of a brand new Hilux, supplying peace of thoughts to clients.

Yes, Toyota dealerships often offer attractive financing alternatives to facilitate the acquisition of a Hilux, making it extra handy to consumers.

The Toyota Hilux is understood for its incredible gas overall performance, manner to its advanced engine generation and aerodynamic format.

Absolutely! The Toyota Hilux is renowned for its off-road talents, making it the best desire for journey seekers and off-street lovers alike.

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