Toyota Corolla Price in Pakistan – Latest Updates and Features

Toyota Corolla in Pakistan - Stay updated on price and features of the latest model.

Toyota Corolla

Welcome to our whole manual at the Toyota Corolla Price in Pakistan. As one of the most famous vehicles within the country, the Toyota Corolla holds unique vicinity in the hearts of Pakistani motorists. In this informational internet page, we purpose to offer you with all the critical records you need to recognize approximately the pricing of the Toyota Corolla in Pakistan.

From the modern pricing updates to the severa trim stages and non-compulsory competencies to be had, we cover it all to make certain you’ve got a clear expertise of what to expect while considering buying this iconic sedan. Whether you are a capacity patron looking to make a knowledgeable selection or sincerely an enthusiast curious about the current market trends, our guide is designed to be your cross-to resource for all things associated with the Toyota Corolla Price in Pakistan. Let’s dive in and discover the world of cheap luxurious with the Toyota Corolla.

Top 10 Features of Toyota Corolla

  • Efficient engines for great fuel economy.
  • Standard Toyota Safety Sense 2.0.
  • Stylish and aerodynamic exterior design.
  • Spacious and comfortable interior.
  • Intuitive touch screen infotainment system.
  • Driver-focused cockpit design.
  • Comfortable seating with available heated front seats.
  • Convenient Smart Key System for easy access.
  • Responsive handling and smooth ride.
  • Legendary reliability for peace of mind.

Toyota Corolla Price in Pakistan

The Toyota Corolla, a symbol of reliability and gasoline efficiency, has captured the hearts of Pakistani drivers for generations. With its numerous trims and ever-evolving features, one of the maximum not unusual questions for the ones thinking about this iconic automobile is: “What is the Toyota Corolla rate in Pakistan?”

Toyota Corolla Price in Pakistan - Discover the cost of the Toyota Corolla in Pakistan.


Price (PKR)

Toyota Corolla XLI


Toyota Corolla GLI


Toyota Corolla Altis


Toyota Corolla Altis Grande


A Breakdown of the Corolla Trims

The beauty of the Corolla lies in its ability to cater to a huge type of budgets and needs. Here’s a breakdown of the maximum famous trims to be had in Pakistan:

  • Toyota Corolla X: This base version offers a charge variety-friendly access point, best for first-time vehicle customers or those prioritizing affordability.
  • Toyota Corolla Gli: Often taken into consideration the “candy spot,” the Gli strikes a balance among capabilities and affordability, making it a famous desire for many drivers.
  • Toyota Corolla Altis: Stepping proper into a more top class phase, the Altis boasts an elegant interior with additional consolation and luxury functions.
  • Toyota Corolla Altis Grande: The most effective Grande represents the top of luxurious and technology inside the Corolla lineup.

Navigating the Toyota Corolla Price Range

While the precise price for each trim can vary counting on dealerships and selected abilities, here is a popular idea to set your expectations:

Expect a starting charge kind of round PKR 7,202,000 for the base Corolla X. Prices for the better trims much like the Altis and Altis Grande generally fall within a higher variety (specific costs unavailable because of market fluctuations).

Beyond the Sticker Price: Additional Considerations

It’s vital to take into account that the very last price you pay can be inspired via several factors:

  • Trim Level: Opting for a better trim with more features will honestly increase the price.
  • Optional Extras: Dealerships may offer additional capabilities like alloy wheels or sunroofs, that may add to the very last fee tag.
  • City of Purchase: Prices might also vary slightly between dealerships in numerous Pakistani towns.

Making an Informed Decision: Resources at Your Disposal

To get the maximum correct charge in your favored Corolla model, contacting authorized Toyota dealerships on your town is alternatively advocated. They can provide the fashionable pricing based in your unique dreams and alternatives.

Toyota Corolla for sale in Pakistan. Making an Informed Decision Resources at Your Disposal.

With its established recognition and a selection catering to diverse options, the Toyota Corolla remains a compelling preference in Pakistan. By knowledge the fee variety and thinking about the influencing factors, you could embark in your Corolla ownership journey with self notion. So, studies, explore your alternatives, and get ready to enjoy the legendary Corolla for yourself!

Factors Affecting Price

Several factors make a contribution to the pricing of Toyota Corolla models in Pakistan. These consist of import obligations, taxes, change expenses, and nearby manufacturing fees. Fluctuations in these variables can affect the final retail rate of the car.

Variants and Features

Toyota gives various editions of the Corolla inside the Pakistani marketplace, each with its very very own set of skills and specifications. From basic models focusing on software program to excessive-stop variations equipped with advanced technology and safety capabilities, there is a Corolla version to cater to precise purchaser alternatives and budgets.


Toyota Corolla XLI

Toyota Corolla GLI

Toyota Corolla Altis

Toyota Corolla Altis Grande


1.6L 4-cylinder

1.6L 4-cylinder

1.8L 4-cylinder

1.8L 4-cylinder


121 hp

121 hp

140 hp

140 hp


156 Nm

156 Nm

173 Nm

173 Nm


6-speed manual

6-speed manual



Fuel Economy (City)

12.4 km/L

12.4 km/L

13.2 km/L

13.2 km/L

Fuel Economy (Highway)

17.5 km/L

17.5 km/L

18.2 km/L

18.2 km/L

Price (PKR)





Key Features

– Power windows and mirrors – Manual air conditioning – Audio system with Bluetooth – Fabric seats – 15-inch steel wheels

– Power windows and mirrors – Automatic air conditioning – Audio system with touch screen – Fabric seats – 16-inch alloy wheels

– Power windows and mirrors – Dual-zone automatic air conditioning – Leather seats – Sunroof – 17-inch alloy wheels

– Power windows and mirrors – Dual-zone automatic air conditioning – Leather seats – Sunroof – LED headlights – 18-inch alloy wheels

Overview of Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla, a name synonymous with dependability and practicality, has reigned very pleasant as the sector’s superb-selling vehicle for many years. Introduced in 1966, this compact automobile has traversed twelve generations, continuously evolving to satisfy the wishes of drivers. Whether you’re a seasoned automobile fanatic or a primary-time purchaser, the New Corolla is a compelling choice.

Toyota Corolla - a compact car with a sleek design, showcased in this image.

A Legacy of Reliability

The Corolla’s reputation for reliability is understood. Toyota’s dedication to fine engineering and strong introduction ensures the ones vehicles are built to closing. Corollas are identified for minimal breakdowns and occasional preservation prices, making them a clever financial choice.

Fuel Efficiency on the Forefront

Fuel performance has continuously been a Corolla robust factor. The present day technology offers a preference between a peppy 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine and a gasoline-sipping hybrid power train. The hybrid variation boasts an excellent 50 mpg in metropolis driving, making it best for eco-aware drivers or the ones commuting lengthy distances.

Modern Features for Everyday Comfort

The Corolla isn’t all approximately practicality; it offers a stunning array of modern-day capabilities. Depending at the trim degree, you may count on a comfortable interior with top class materials, a consumer-pleasant infotainment device with Touchscreen capabilities, and a complete suite of motive pressure-help era like automatic emergency braking and lane departure warning.

Safety You Can Count On

Safety stays a top priority for New Toyota. The Corolla comes prepared with Toyota Safety Sense 2.Zero, a set of superior protection skills designed to hold you and your passengers covered on the road. This includes capabilities like pre-collision caution with pedestrian detection, lane departure alert, and adaptive cruise control.

A Corolla for Every Lifestyle

The Corolla isn’t a one-length-fits-all vehicle. It comes in body styles: a graceful sedan and a flexible hatchback. The sedan offers a conventional four-door format, whilst the hatchback gives extra cargo space with its fold-flat rear seats. This variety permits you to choose out the Corolla that amazing fits your way of lifestyles and needs.

Toyota Corolla Exterior Design

When it comes to iconic sedans, few names resonate as strongly as the Toyota Corolla. Renowned for its reliability, overall performance, and affordability, the Corolla has also made its mark with its glossy and stylish outside format.

Sleek and modern Toyota Corolla with bold lines and stylish headlights, perfect for a dynamic and sophisticated look.

Timeless Elegance:

The Toyota Corolla 2024 boasts a layout that exudes timeless beauty. Its exterior strains are clean and well-defined, giving the auto a complex presence on the road. From its sculpted hood to its gracefully arched roofline, every element of the Corolla’s design is crafted to captivate.

Dynamic Profile:

One of the most placing abilities of the Toyota Corolla’s outside layout is its dynamic profile. With its sporty silhouette and aerodynamic contours, the Corolla cuts through the air with precision and appeal. Whether cruising down the highway or navigating city streets, the Corolla’s easy profile commands interest at each turn.

Bold Front Fascia:

At the front, the New Toyota Corolla makes a bold announcement with its exceptional grille and aggressive stance. The grille is framed by easy LED headlights, giving the Corolla a modern and upscale appearance. The angular strains of the front fascia supply a experience of strength and self notion, on the same time as additionally enhancing aerodynamic performance.

Attention to Detail:

Toyota has paid meticulous interest to element in crafting the outside layout of the Corolla. From the sculpted facet mirrors to the subtle chrome accents, each element is carefully considered to decorate every aesthetics and functionality. Even the door handles are designed with ergonomics in mind, ensuring a seamless and intuitive person revel in.

Expressive Color Options:

To further personalize the Corolla, Toyota gives a number of expressive shade alternatives. Whether you choose conventional colorations like black and white or formidable shades like electric powered blue or fiery crimson, there may be a coloration preference to in shape each flavor and man or woman. The vibrant shades supplement the Corolla’s smooth outside layout, such as an extra touch of aptitude to an already standout car.

Toyota Corolla Interior Design

The interior of the Toyota Corolla is meticulously crafted to provide an incredible the usage of experience, combining comfort, sophistication, and contemporary technology. Let’s delve into the important thing factors of its interior design.

Toyota Corolla interior design: sleek and modern cabin with comfortable seating, advanced technology, and stylish accents.

Modern Sophistication:

Step within the Toyota Corolla Pakistan, and you may immediately be greeted through an ecosystem of modern sophistication. The cabin functions splendid substances, tender-touch surfaces, and diffused finishes, growing a high-priced surroundings that opponents more highly-priced cars in its elegance.

Spaciousness and Comfort:

The Corolla’s indoors design prioritizes spaciousness and comfort, ensuring that both the driver and passengers can experience lengthy trips without difficulty. Ample legroom and headroom, on the side of supportive seats, provide a comfortable environment for occupants of all sizes. Whether you’re commuting to paintings or embarking on a avenue experience, the Corolla’s indoors place makes every trip fun.

Intuitive Layout:

Toyota has designed the indoors format of the Corolla with a focus on intuitive capability. Button, and transfer is thoughtfully located for easy get admission to and operation, enhancing the general cause force experience. The center stack is elegantly organized, with the infotainment system and climate controls inside arm reach, permitting drivers to live associated and snug without distraction.

Advanced Technology:

The Toyota Corolla is geared up with a number of superior technology functions that increase the using revel in to new heights. From the colorful Touchscreen infotainment machine to the available virtual instrument cluster, the Corolla seamlessly integrates generation into its interior design. Features like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and voice popularity further enhance connectivity and comfort, preserving drivers and passengers connected and entertained at the go.

Quiet and Serene:

One of the hallmarks of the Toyota Corolla interior layout is its quiet and serene cabin surroundings. Sound insulation materials and strategic engineering decrease street noise and vibrations, growing a peaceful environment for occupants to loosen up and enjoy. Whether cruising on the toll road or navigating city streets, the Corolla guarantees a tranquil the usage of revel in for all.

Toyota Corolla Performance Handling

The Toyota Corolla isn’t always only a reliable commuter; it’s also a dynamic performer on the road, boasting super managing and fantastic average overall performance. Let’s find out the crucial component factors of the Corolla’s performance and handling abilities.

Responsive Power trains:

The Toyota Corolla offers a desire of responsive power trains designed to in shape one-of-a-type using picks and wishes. Whether you opt for the green 1.Eight-liter 4-cylinder engine or the more active 2.Zero-liter opportunity, you may expect smooth acceleration and sufficient strength transport across the RPM variety. With horsepower and torque figures that initiate, the Corolla gives a riding revel in this is each exhilarating and green.

Precise Steering and Handling:

At the heart of the Toyota Corolla extremely good coping with is its unique guidance and nimble chassis. The electric powered electricity guidance tool offers super feedback and responsiveness, permitting drivers to with a chunk of success navigate tight corners and winding roads without a problem. Whether cruising on the dual carriageway or maneuvering through city streets, the Corolla’s agile handling evokes self belief in the back of the wheel.

Balanced Suspension Tuning:

The Corolla’s suspension tool is cautiously tuned to strike the proper stability between comfort and sporty dealing with. Whether you are the use of solo or with passengers, the suspension absorbs bumps and imperfections in the street even as keeping composure thru corners. The end result is a easy and composed journey that enhances each consolation and self perception, irrespective of the using situations.

Enhanced Stability and Control:

Equipped with advanced stability and traction control structures, the Toyota Corolla gives extra balance and control in all using situations. These structures paintings seamlessly to help keep traction and stability, even in bad climate conditions or at some point of sudden maneuvers. Whether using in rain, snow, or dry situations, the Corolla inspires self assurance with its steadfast grip on the road.

Braking Performance:

The Corolla’s braking machine is engineered to supply confident stopping strength whilst you need it maximum. With responsive brake pedal feel and unique modulation, the Corolla’s brakes offer reassuring self belief within the direction of emergency stops or unexpected deceleration. Whether navigating busy city streets or cruising on the motorway, the Corolla’s braking normal performance guarantees a safe and stable riding revel in for you and your passengers.

Pros and Cons of Toyota Corolla


  • Can fit into small spaces easily.
  • Often seen as cute.
  • Lower risk of certain health issues.
  • More agile and flexible.
  • Saves money on clothing and food.
  • Finds comfortable seating in crowded places.
  • Fits better in transportation vehicles.
  • Less likely to hit head on low ceilings.
  • Excels in sports requiring low center of gravity.
  • May have longer lifespan due to reduced strain.


  • Limited reach for high objects.
  • May struggle to see over crowds.
  • Risk of being overlooked in professional settings.
  • Difficulty in some sports and activities.
  • Potential for feeling self-conscious.
  • Challenges in finding fitting clothing.
  • Increased risk of being bullied.
  • Reduced leverage and strength.
  • Potential for feeling less confident.
  • Limited options in certain careers.

Toyota Corolla Safety Features

Safety is paramount within the design of the Toyota Corolla, with a complete array of abilities designed to preserve you and your passengers protected on every journey. Let’s delve into the important thing protection talents that make the Corolla a pacesetter in its magnificence.

Toyota Corolla: Advanced safety features like collision warning, lane departure alert, and adaptive cruise control.

Toyota Safety Sense 2.Zero:

The Toyota Corolla new models comes geared up with Toyota Safety Sense 2.Zero, a hard and fast of superior cause pressure-assist era designed to beautify protection and peace of thoughts. This consists of functions which encompass Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection, Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, and Automatic High Beams. These systems paintings collectively to locate capability dangers on the road and provide indicators or help to assist mitigate collisions or accidents.

Blind Spot Monitor:

The Corolla is also ready with a Blind Spot Monitor tool, which enables to increase focus of automobiles within the riding force’s blind spots. When a automobile is detected within the blind spot, a visible alert is illuminated on the corresponding element mirror, warning the purpose force of the capability threat. This feature is especially beneficial when changing lanes or merging onto highways, assisting to save you accidents on account of unseen cars.

Rear Cross-Traffic Alert:

Backing out of parking areas or driveways may be unstable, especially in busy environments with restricted visibility. The Corolla addresses this trouble with its Rear Cross-Traffic Alert gadget, which indicators the driving force to upcoming cars from the aspect at the same time as reversing. By presenting audible and seen warnings, this feature helps drivers avoid collisions with automobiles crossing their course, improving safety all through reversing maneuvers.

Multiple Airbags:

In the occasion of a collision, the Toyota Corolla is prepared with a comprehensive airbag machine to protect occupants from harm. This consists of front, facet, curtain, and knee airbags, which installation strategically to help lessen the threat of harm to the driver and passengers. With more than one layers of safety surrounding occupants, the Corolla prioritizes safety in each element of its layout.

Vehicle Stability Control:

To assist hold stability and manipulate in difficult driving situations, the Corolla Altis abilities Vehicle Stability Control (VSC). This gadget continuously video display units vehicle balance and intervenes whilst critical by using adjusting engine strength and applying individual brakes to assist save you skidding or loss of control. By enhancing stability and traction, VSC contributes to extra stable driving reports in various road situations.

Comparison with Other Cars within the Market

The Toyota Corolla has long been a staple within the compact car section, but how does it stack up against its competition inside the marketplace? Let’s evaluate the Corolla with other automobiles in its elegance to look where it excels.

Comparison of Toyota Avanza with other cars in the market.

Fuel Efficiency:

When it involves fuel performance, the Toyota Corolla shines brightly amongst its competition. With its range of efficient power trains and hybrid alternatives, the Corolla gives stunning gas financial system figures that rival or surpass the ones of other compact automobiles in its magnificence. Whether you are seeking out a city commuter or a protracted-distance traveler, the Corolla’s top notch gas performance makes it a top desire for finances-conscious drivers.

Reliability and Resale Value:

Toyota has constructed popularity for reliability that few automakers can match, and the Corolla is not any exception. With its established tune report of dependability and sturdiness, the Corolla constantly ranks high in reliability studies and keeps its price nicely through the years. When as compared to different cars in its segment, the Corolla’s popularity for reliability and robust resale cost gives it a awesome advantage inside the marketplace.

Safety Features:

In terms of safety capabilities, the Toyota Corolla is many of the leaders in its class. With its comprehensive suite of superior driving force-help technologies, together with Toyota Safety Sense 2.Zero, the Corolla offers a degree of protection and peace of mind this is unmatched with the aid of a lot of its competitors. From pre-collision systems to blind spot video display units, the Corolla’s safety capabilities help it stand out as a pinnacle desire for protection-aware drivers.

Interior Comfort and Technology:

While the Toyota Corolla excels in lots of areas, some competitors may provide greater upscale indoors materials and advanced era capabilities. However, the Corolla nevertheless offers a snug and properly-geared up cabin with intuitive controls and consumer-friendly infotainment systems. Although it may no longer have all of the bells and whistles of some luxurious compact vehicles, the Corolla offers a balance of consolation and technology that appeals to a wide range of drivers.

Driving Dynamics:

In terms of driving dynamics, the Toyota Corolla gives a balanced and composed journey that is suitable for regular riding. While it cannot have the sporty managing of a number of its competition, the Corolla prioritizes comfort and performance, making it a first-rate choice for commuting and town riding. For drivers searching for a more engaging driving revel in, a few competition can also provide sportier alternatives in the compact car section.

Cost of Ownership


One of the essential factor factors which have an effect on the overall price of proudly owning a Toyota Corolla in Pakistan 2024 is upkeep. With a strong issuer network and without problems to be had spare components, renovation fees for the Corolla are usually lower in comparison to import or luxury cars.

Fuel Efficiency

Another issue that contributes to the affordability of the Toyota Corolla is its fuel overall performance. With rising fuel fees, owning a car that gives proper mileage becomes increasingly vital for Pakistani consumers. The Corolla’s green engine layout enables mitigate fuel expenses through the years.

Resale Value

One of the giant advantages of owning a Toyota Corolla in Pakistan is its immoderate resale rate. Due to its strong brand popularity and consistent name for inside the used car marketplace, Corolla proprietors can assume a extensively better resale charge in contrast to different automobiles in its magnificence.

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, the Toyota Corolla is anticipated to maintain its role as a major choice within the Pakistani vehicle market. With ongoing improvements in generation and design, future iterations of the Corolla are likely to offer even more fee and attraction to discerning buyers.

People Also Ask

No, the Corolla generally has decrease protection costs as compared to other automobiles in its elegance, thanks to its tremendous availability of spare parts and carrier facilities.

Yes, the Corolla is known for its gas-efficient engine layout, supporting proprietors keep on gasoline fees over the years.

Import obligations, taxes, exchange quotes, and close by manufacturing expenses are some of the key factors influencing the fee of the Corolla in Pakistan.

Yes, the Corolla continues a excessive resale price due to its sturdy logo popularity and regular call for inside the used vehicle market.

While unique information might also range, Toyota is thought for frequently updating its fashions with new capabilities and generation, ensuring that the Corolla stays competitive in the marketplace.


In end, the Toyota Corolla continues to be a top contender within the Pakistani automobile landscape, imparting a compelling combo of affordability, reliability, and normal performance. With quite number variants to select from and competitive pricing, it remains a preferred choice for consumers looking for a dependable sedan.

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